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Пиалы дровяного обжига

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Пиала # 28409 дровяной обжигкерамикаручная роспись 70 мл
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Пиала # 28409, дровяной обжиг/керамика/ручная роспись, 70 мл.

Пиала # 28048 дровяной обжигкерамикаручная роспись 100 мл
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Пиала # 28048, дровяной обжиг/керамика/ручная роспись, 100 мл.

Пиала # 27992 дровяной обжигкерамикаручная роспись 65 мл
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Пиала # 27992, дровяной обжиг/керамика/ручная роспись, 65 мл.

Пиала # 27556 дровяной обжигкерамикаручная роспись 90 мл
Пиалы и чаши

Пиала # 27556, дровяной обжиг/керамика/ручная роспись, 90 мл.


Ceramics is one of the most ancient among Russian arts and industries. In bare essence ceramics is clay mixed with water and fired at high temperatures. Clay is a rather common material that is highly malleable and thus provides abundant artistic freedom and possibilities.  Since the discovery of the firing of ceramic objects this material became exceedingly demanded, conventional and functional in most human cultures. Firing is a process of heating clay products to a temperature at which small particles of clay are fused into a single body. Firing temperatures depend on the type of clay or mix used and can vary starting between 800-1300 degrees Celsius and above.

Currently most ceramic products are fired in electric or gas kilns with use of a given standard furnace program. However one of the oldest methods of firing is with the use of wood combustibles i.e. wood firing or wood-burning kilns. Wood firing is carried out by continually adding firewood to the kiln and stoking to achieve higher temperatures than possible in an electric or gas stove. Wood fired ceramics are characterized by aesthetic differences that are caused by several factors. When wood burns a large amount of carbon is released, which enters into a reaction with the clay and gives it various unique shades and shimmers. Additionally, in the process of prolonged firing a lot of fly ash is released from coal, which settles and melts producing an array of different colours and a natural ash glaze. Wood firing allows for the creation of unique objects. The process in itself is all surprise and anticipation of a miracle. Each product is also unique due to divergence of temperatures in different areas of the kiln all the while the objects are made of the same type of clay and coated with the same glaze. 

For our product's clay bodies fired in the Moychay kiln ceramic masses from Russia, Ukraine and Germany are used. All clay masses are suitable for the production of heat resistant tea ceramics and any other utensils at high kiln temeratures. These clay bodies congeal well at high temperatures (1250-1300 degrees Celcius) attained in a wood-fired kiln. Like clays, glazes are selected based on safety standards - they do not emit harmful substances during firing and are food and drink safe. The possibilities for experimenting are boundless Hence we use glazes not only produced by Moychay and the private fascilities of our ceramic artist friends, but also factory glazes from Russia, Germany, America, Spain, China and Japan. Our company is always in search of new recipes and mixes and has the opportunity to gratify tea lovers with ever new, interesting and unique collectible teaware.

To better acquaint yourself with the production of our wares we recommend watching the following video series:

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